This weeks meeting was lead by our very own President Clara Paik. We had no icebreaker this week, and went straight into Clara’s talk about Lent, why we do it and what it is. After her talk we had another opportunity to meditate to praises’ beautiful music. We ended the night with a movie, John Q.

WEEK 6!!!

This weeks meeting was was led by GOOD FAMILY’s very own Erica Lee and Alex Kim. They gave their insights on hope and what hope means to them. First we started off with the Human Knot icebreaker, and we slowed it down with Erica and Alex’s talks. After the talks we had a quiet praise so that everyone could meditate. The meeting was a quiet and beautiful meeting, and the night ended with everyone playing Sardines in UTC!

WEEK 5!!!

First off I want to apologize for slacking so much… feel free to nag me for not updating this…. Well anyway last week, week 5 we had our annual VALENTINES DAY DINNER!!! The theme was Moulin Rouge, semi-formal, red, white, or black. It was a night filled with GREAT food and GREAT entertainment. The ladies cooked up a delicious feast and the guys FEASTED! In return for the girls hard work the guys put in their own hard work with the entertainment. The night’s entertainment started with Alex, Sean, and Justin with their cover of Loud Love by Good Old War. These guys sang their hearts out for the girls! Next we had another live performance by our very own Philip, Brian, and Vincent with their songs I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz and the Mario Kart Song on Youtube. The ladies just loved this trio. The Trio was followed by Kevin and Alex’s spoken word, how sophisticated! Then Alex and Vincent performed a Saxophone, Piano duet of Your Song, Ewan McGregor’s rendtion of it. After that Vincent performed a vocal solo while playing the piano, sorry I can’t remember what song you did. The last live performance of the night was our very own Jason with his operatic singing. After all the live entertainment two groups of guys prepared some videos. Alan, Eric, Fabio, Andy, Kevin, and Clara performed Big Bang’s Haru Haru. After that CWA, Alex, Fabio, Kevin, Andy, Justin, Sean, Vincent, Philip, and Brian performed an original.



This is Michelle Paek writing for Alex again. Hope you guys are having a wooonderful week! 🙂

SOOOOO…. Alex started off our General Meeting with a wonderful opening prayer. Then we went to our icebreaker–the BALLOON POPPING GAME! hehe. t’was very fun huh? Some of the ballons were HARD to pop! (I was bouncing on Erica Lee’s until I realized mine was gone… haha) In the end, it was brother against sister, as Jessica and Richard battled it out… and the older Kim won! Congrats Richard! YAY RICHARD 🙂

Next, Clara gave us a talk on Relationships–relationships with God, our family and friends, and our special someones. Jason also gave us a BEAAAUTIFUL  talk! 🙂 THANK YOU SO MUCH JASON! 🙂

And theeeen, we went back into our small groups, and some SPECIAL GUESTS joined in! Jason led the 3rd years+ group, Daniel (LAST YEARS PRESIDENT! AH YAY!) led the 2nd years, and our lovely president Clara led the Freshmen Cuties! This was the first small group activity the Cuties had without me, Alex, and Jessica. AWW OUR BABIES ARE GROWING UP! :’/

Then, we had praise and Our Father, followed by a closing prayer by Linda!

Our After-event was RUNNING MAN (based on the Korean game show)! We split up into 4 teams. In our teams, we did “rock-paper-scissors” to see who would be the “boss” for our team. Then we all dispersed throughout Ring Road and Aldrich Park, and the race was on to hunt down the other teams’ bosses. We could get a person on another team out by taking off the tape that we all had on our backs.  The bosses were Philip (YAY MY TEAM!), Eunji (this girl hid for an hour and a half BY HERSELF. she will never lose. EVER. too bad she didn’t win either. hehe..), and.. two other.. hehe sorry I don’t really remember right now… BUT GOOD JOB EVERYONE! It ended up being a FOUR WAY TIE! YAY WE’RE ALL WINNERS! 🙂



The Volleyball tournament hosted by UCSD Kyrie was postponed due to the rain. Stay tuned to find out where it will be!

WHAT: OUR ANNUAL DATE AUCTION! Our fine Kyrie gentlemen will be auctioned off anonymously based on the answers they submit to Fundraising Committee. Ladies, you will be bidding on the the guys based on which which answers you like best! The boy will later have to treat the girl out on a date 🙂 
THEME: SADIE HAWKINS: GIRLS BUY THE GUYS IT’S ALWAYS A SURPRISE! (hehe it rhymes guys… isn’t that clever!)
Boys, please dress up. You wanna look all fancy pancy when you get your date 😉 Girls, we are also going to be dressing nicely too! THIS IS A SEMIFORMAL EVENT! (d’awww how cuteeeee!)
WHEN: WEEK 8! November 17, 2011
WHERE: Interfaith, of course!
WHO: We encourage all of you to participate!! I know more than half of you got QUALITY TIME as your love language when we took the quiz Week 5.  Well, this is a great opportunity to spend some good, quality time with and get to know one of your fellow Kyrie members very well! YAYAYAYAY!!!
PRICE: GIRLS—BRING LOTS OF CASH! Keep in mind that this is a FUNDRAISER! Kyrie is so nice to you; be nice to Kyrie. Hehe 🙂

WHAT: BAKE SALE fundraiser! YAY. Last year, we had a Bake Sale at St. Thomas, and it was super successful!! For this Bake Sale, we are planning on making butter mochi, cake pops, pie pops, and cookies! OOH LALA! 
WHEN: November 13
We will be having a baking party the day before (Nov 12). HOW FUN!!! YAY! Location and time will be announced as the day approaches. ALSO, we will be attending mass together at OLOP for those who wanna go 🙂
WHAT: It’s the Filipino Catholic Club’s 11th Annual Benefit Concert, which supports their annual Homeless Outreach project. It will be featuring many different groups, so come out and enjoy some great music and let’s all praise God together!
WHEN: Friday, November 18, 2011 at 6:30 pm (DOORS OPEN at 6:00pm!)
WHERE: Social Science Plaza A (SSPA)
PRICE: FREE (but they take donations!!)
This is a great event to show support for our fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ! YAY LIWANAG! AND……. KYRIE STAFF WILL ALSO BE PERFORMING A SONG!! (gotta come watch now!)

WHAT:  Every Spring, UCLA Kyrie hosts a basketball tournament for all the Kyrie and local Korean Catholic churches. This year we’re getting a head start in practices and just coming out to play and have fun. Official practices haven’t started yet, but we are holding unofficial practices/scrimmages.
WHEN: Every Saturday nights 7pm
WHO: YOU! Anyone interested in playing basketball or even watching 🙂 We highly encourage new people to come out, especially freshmen and girls! DON’T BE SHY!!! You don’t have to be good or know how to play at all. Our lovely coaches will teach you 🙂 It was great seeing some new faces this week! We hope to see more in the future!!
NEED A RIDE?: No problem!! Contact coaches Fabio Chung (213-330-5357) or Alex Kim (714-397-0785) and they will find you a ride! YIPEEE now you can come! If you don’t like either of them for some reason (or they’re not answering…) call Michelle Paek (714-553-0235) and I can take you guys too 🙂 WE REALLY WANT YOU TO COME OUT!
WHAT: Our beautiful Kyrie T-Shirts are now on SALE!! Purchase them during the meetings!
WHY:  Don’t you just LOVE Kyrie??? Represent Kyrie and show your love by purchasing a shirt!! We wear them to all the inter-Kyrie events and a lot of other occasions, so get them RIGHT NOW!
PRICE: ONLY $10!! AND we’re having a sale!!! 2 shirts for only $20!!! YAY SALES!
WHAT: Kyrie’s Annual Ski/Snowboarding Trip. Ski/snowboard + Kyrie = Skyrie. Clever, huh? It’s A LOOOT of fun!!
WHEN: December 12-15
WHO: Any Kyrie Member, ESPECIALLY YOU! There are limited spots for Skyrie, so as soon as we say we’re accepting money and sign ups….. I suggest you HURRY, cause spots fill up fast!
PRICE: $100. (oh my goodneeees what a good price! This includes the price for the cabin, most of your meals (minus maybe one or two when we go to the Village), and your transportation ALLLLL the way there and back!)
WHAT:  Rosary 3pm Aldrich Park (R3AP)
come join us as we pray the Rosary together!
WHEN: Every Mon-Thurs
WHERE: in front of the statues of the Chinese Philosophers and goddess. (if you’re not sure where this is, contact one of the staff members and we will show you!)

WHAT: Is your home church too far away from Irvine?? That’s alrighty cause we have Interfaith here for you! Mass is held regularly by Father Francis. Interfaith Mass is SHO CUTEEE. ..hehe seriously… go check it out 🙂
WHEN: Daily Mass (Mon-Thurs) @ 12PM
Sunday Mass @ 10AM, 12PM, 6:30PM
WHO: Open to anyone and everyone who wants to attend Mass!
WHEREINTERFAITH (located behind the ICF building next to the engineering plaza, building #319 on the UCI campus map)
WHEN:  THURSDAYS 8:30-10:30 pm; followed by an afterevent


Wow I can’t believe it’s already week 5… what is this ridiculousness??? This past week we had a very down to earth meeting. We had a wonderful opening prayer by the best, 🙂 Michelle Paek. After the beautiful opening prayer we played Electricity! It was an intense game of running and squeezing hands! There were some crazy races!

After some electric running we split into our small groups and talked about our love languages, I don’t know about you guys but I found it pretty interesting to learn about how I love and how I like to be love.  It was interesting learning about the 5 different love languages, Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, and Physical Touch. To end the night we had a lovely closing prayer by our very own Eunji Koo. For our after event we all headed out to Suicide Hill so that we could all bond with our brothers and sisters while enjoying the great view.




WHEN: This Saturday November 5th!
WHO: Your favorite Kyries!

R3AP: Rosary 3Pm Aldrich Park (every Mon-Thurs), COME OUT AND PRAY THE ROSARY WITH US!! YAY ROSARY! (It only takes about 15 minutes. 15 minutes to dedicate for prayer. Comeon guys…)

INTERFAITH MASS: Interfaith offers Daily Mass every weekday at 12:00 pm.

Sunday mass is at 10am, 12pm, and 6:30 pm! (ooooh how convenient!)





This is Michelle Paek, writing for Alex 🙂 I don’t know if you guys pay attention to his blogs, but since its me this time, READ EET ALL. TEEHEE 🙂 (jk you should always read his too).

For our Week 4 General Meeting, Justin Lee opened us in prayer. Our icebreaker this week was…. TELEPHONE CHARADES! It was a lot of fun, huh? The category was movies, and each group had to act out their movie “Telephone” style. The first group that went successfully guessed their movie–SIXTH SENSE! Then from there…. people kinda failed…. How to Train Your Dragon, Harry Potter 7 Part 2, and Avatar… but it was still pretty funny to watch!

Then, we all got into a BIG circle to pray the Rosary together. It was very beautiful seeing us all pray together 🙂 Oh, now that you all know how to pray the Rosary… guess what you can do??? YOU CAN COME OUT TO R3AP!! Remember R3AP? The thing we always announce and I write about in my emails? Come pray the Rosary with us! Rosary 3pm at Aldrich Park! (near the statues of the Chinese poets and goddess, near the Humanities bridge! just contact me or any of the other staff if you’re not sure where it is at!) YAY R3AP!  Okay, and after praying the Rosary together, we got into our Small Faith Communities/Small Groups.  For fall quarter, our small groups would be with our years! The Freshman small group is led by Welcoming Committee—Michelle Paek, Alex and Jessica! YAY FRESHMEN! 🙂 Second years are with second years, and third years and up are together in one jumbo lovely group! 🙂 In our groups, we went over the readings for the upcoming Sunday. It was really nice to discuss the readings and Gospel since a lot of times, we don’t take the time to think about them as much.

We then ended the meeting with praise, which consisted of nice slow songs this week. And finally, Erica Lee ended us with a closing prayer as we did the Our Father, the prayer we know best!

FINALLY, our After-event was CAMINO DEL SOL. We reserved a study room for those of us who still had a bunch of midterms. While the rest of us went to the game room to play pool, air hockey, and play 🙂


Last Friday, was our Inter-Kyrie Broomball event!! YAYAYAY! We had a fun night of fellowship with UCLA, UCSD, and UCR Kyries. Thank you to those of you that attended! Everyone looked all cutes, all dressed up to our theme, High School Stereotypes. I think best dressed goes to–Michelle Song and Erika Lopez…. DID YOU SEE THEM?? Best cholas ever.  Msong looked like an Asian Amy Winehouse and Erika…. if you didn’t meet her before you probably didn’t go up to her that night cause she was very intimidating and into character. TEEHEE CUTIES ❤  And hope you guys enjoyed our Staff performance…. hope no one was watching me… it’s a lot harder on ice… Also, hope no one hurt themselves or fell too much on the ice… or froze.. TWAS VERY COLD! I saw some people in shorts… not very smart. I wore 1 long sleeve, 1 shirt, 3 jackets, and a blanket… and I was still freezing…


Our Newcomer’s/Freshmen Outing was this past Sunday, led by Welcoming Committee! The Outing was actually…. INITIATION! HEHE. We told you guys to be ready by 8… but picked up was at 6:00 AM!! WOOHOOOOOO! 🙂 That was pretty fun… In my car, Joyce was the only one awake, Sunny fell asleep “holding a cup” (so cutes), and Peter told Joyce and Sunny to go sit in the front seat so that he can lay down in the back by himself…. We then went to the beach and played fun games and had a talk in our groups before heading back to VDC for breakfast! Yummy fried rice was made by Fabio, Karen, and Michelle Song (and her sister!). THANK YOU GUYS! 🙂 Then most of us went to noon Interfaith mass together.  YAY! Thanks for those of you who attended! (Joyce, Sunny, Peter, Margaret, Vincent, Philip, Richard, Jiwon, and Woo Jin!)

What a looong weekend! Okiees, hope you guys are having a greaaat week 🙂 and good luck to those who are still having midterms! SEE YOU THURSDAY!

oh, announcements:

R3AP: Rosary 3Pm Aldrich Park (every Mon-Thurs), COME OUT AND PRAY THE ROSARY WITH US!! YAY ROSARY! (It only takes about 15 minutes. 15 minutes to dedicate for prayer. Comeon guys…)

Basketball: Practice is every Saturday. We encourage all newcomers and anyone interested in playing to come out! It’s okay if you don’t know how to play!! Our lovely coaches (Alex and Fabio) will teach you!! If you need a ride contact: Alex (714-397-085) or Fabio (213-330-5357) or you can even ask me… 714-553-0235 🙂

Interfaith Mass: Interfaith offers Daily Mass every weekday at 12:00 pm.

Sunday mass is at 10am, 12pm, and 6:30 pm! (ooooh how convenient!)

Emails: YOU GUYS BETTER BE READING MY EMAILS! alrighty? alrighty.


This weeks meeting began with a beautiful opening prayer by Michelle Song, and Praise kicked it off with “Take It All”, “Your Grace is Enough”, and “Trading My Sorrows.” Clara gave another short talk about our Saint for the day, St. Francis of Assisi. This week our meeting went a little differently than usual instead of having our usual set of ice breakers we broke off into groups so we could prepare skits to showcase the creativity and acting talents of the Kyrie members. Groups were given parables from the bible and random genres of movies and with what was given they had to prepare a skit. Parables included “Ruth and Naomi”, “David and Jonathan”, “Prodigal Son”, “Abraham”, and “Good Samaritan”. The genres were Korean Drama, horror, silent film, romance, and musical. Everyone had their own interesting renditions of the story and most skits just ended up being funny. The staff also prepared their own skit around the verse Luke 6:27-36. VIDEOS OF THESE SKITS WILL BE UPLOADED SOON!!! STAY TUNED!!! After skits we finished with a closing prayer by Karen Huynh. This weeks awesome after event was, NRB!!!!!!! (karaoke)


R3AP – ROSARY 3PM Aldrich Park! By the Chinese Philosophers

INTERFAITH MASS – Daily Mass Mon-Thurs 12pm. Sundays 10am, 12pm, 6:30pm.
Basketball Practices! – Every Saturday 7PM at Federation Park
For questions contact Alex Kim: 714- 397- 0785
or Fabio Chung: 213- 330- 5357

Broomball!  – October 21st BE AT INTERFAITH BY 630 PM



So we had our SUUUUPER second general meeting this Thursday, and as usual we started with an opening prayer–this time by our very own Jessica Kim! Then our wonderful praise kicked it off with “Our God is Greater”, “Blessed Be Your Name”, and “No One Like You”. Praise did a great job this week and with the projector I saw so many more people praising along! GOOD JOB EVERYONE!

So this weeks ice breaker we started off with the Post-It game where you had to draw 3 random facts about yourself and when you found someone with the same interests you, you would take their post-it and stick it on you. People went around for about 10 minutes introducing and asking about each other and their interests hoping to get some post-its. After the 10 minutes passed we started with another ice breaker, the Group Alphabet Game, everyone was split into 5 groups and were given about 10 minutes to go from A-Z using the names of the items they had on them. All 5 of the teams had ended up finished the alphabet in the given time but only Team 2 was decided victorious because only their items coincided best with the alphabet. Xtra gum and XL Shirt just didn’t cut it.

After the ice breakers everyone calmed down and we Clara gave another amazing talk. She talked more about our theme BE COURAGEOUS and our sub-theme for the quarter, LOVE. Also, she introduced the Saint for the week, Saint Peter and gave a short talk about him. Following Clara’s talk we broke off into PRAYER BUDDIES!!! We partnered everyone up and just got to know another fellow brother and sister, more about their major, year, what they thought about their current spiritual level etc. Everyone seemed so engaged in their conversations it was hard to get everyone back into the group. We finished off the night as usual with “Our Father” and with Fabio Chung’s wonderful closing prayer.

Sadly the projector wasn’t being very cooperative so instead of watching a movie for our after event we passed out snacks and had a huge game of What IF? and Naked. Everyone had a lot of good laughs at the ridiculous questions and answers.

CHOC WALK – Sunday October 16th

INTERFAITH MASS – Daily Mass Mon-Thurs 12pm. Sundays 10am, 12pm, 6:30pm.
Basketball Practices! – Every Saturday 7PM at Federation Park
For questions contact Alex Kim: 714- 397- 0785
or Fabio Chung: 213- 330- 5357

Broomball!  – October 21st BE AT INTERFAITH BY 630 PM



This past Thursday, September 29th, Kyrie had its first general meeting!!! WOOHOOO!!! People began trickling in around 8:10 and thus began the first Kyrie meeting for many. By 8:30 Interfaith was PACKED with almost 70 people. New, returning, and alumni members were present, excited and nervous with anticipation for the first meeting. LIKE MEEEE. I WAS SOOO EXCITED FOR THIS UPCOMING AMAAAAZING year to begin!!! WOOOHOOOOOOO!!

Clara started us off with a beautiful opening prayer and at the sound of her “Amen!” Praise kicked in with Sing, Sing, Sing!!! Everyone was praising their hearts out! (Hopefully!) Right after Praise we started with our first ice breakers, led by the by your very own WELCOMING/FELLOWSHIP COMMITEE (headed by our VERY OWN ALEX KIM!!) We started off with the Airplane Game. Where everyone wrote their names on a sheet of paper and made it into a paper airplane or a paper ball (for those of you who didn’t know how to make paper airplanes) and threw them into the middle of the circle. They picked up a random paper and had to find the person on the paper without shouting their names. So they were forced to introduce themselves to new people and meet new people. After about 10 minutes we moved onto our next ice breaker, the Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament. Before you were able to challenge someone you had to introduce yourselves to that person then you would commence with Rock-Paper-Scissors and the loser of the match would have to introduce the winner to the next challenger, and they also had to cheer for them. In the end it was almost 30 people cheering for Matt and about the same for Peter, but Matt took the victory!! CONGRATS MATT! Our third and final ice breaker was the Blanket Game! Since everyone met so many new people we decided to test peoples memories we hid one random person from each team behind the blanket and once the blanket was dropped the first to guess the others name was declared winner. It got pretty intense since points were involved but in the last round when 5 people went at once on each side staff decided that the two teams tied.

After our ice breakers we all relaxed and listened to our President Clara Paik speak a little about the exciting things to come in Kyrie and what Kyrie was all about. She introduced our theme for this year which was BE COURAGEOUS!!! She also introduced her wonderful staff members (if you haven’t met all of them yet, check out the staff page above!). To wrap up the night we ended with the singing of “Our Father” and our awesome after event BOWLING and ALBATROS!!!

R3AP – Rosary 3pm Aldrich Park (every Mon-Thurs)
Broomball October 14th! (one of our BIGGEST inter-Kyrie events (UCLA, UCR, and UCSD Kyrie will all be there!) , you’ll be MISSING OUT if you don’t attend!!)
Check Your Emails (read everything. don’t ignore them please!)
Unofficial Basketball Practice – Scrimmages (contact coaches Fabio Chung and Alex Kim for more information; we want you, yes YOU to come out!!)


Soooo…..it was the 3rd years turn to prepare a Kyrie meeting during week 8. However, instead of the usual general meeting at Interfaith, we headed out to the beach at Corona Del Mar!! Since summer is coming up, it was decided that a trip to the beach would be nice for a change.

Once everyone had arrived at the beach, we began with a relay race for our icebreaker. It was hilarious to see people so lost and confused when they were blindfolded during the activity. A few people even fell on the ground multiple times after the elephant spin. This was a great way to start off the meeting/event.

For the first part of our main activity, we did an activity called “Cross the Line.” The 3rd years gave “if” statements and if those statements pertained to the member, then they crossed the line. The statements started out lightly, allowing the members to get used to the activity. Towards the end, the questions became more serious and they allowed the members to learn a little more about one another.

The second part of the activity was group discussions. We got into groups to discuss some of the issues mentioned during the “Cross the Line” activity.  Afterward, we shared with everyone what each group discussed.

To end the night, Linda and Justin took turns leading praise, which then led into our final prayers. Snacks were provided after and, then, we hung around the bonfire until closing time.

This was a good way to kind of open up more to one another. Kyrie has become a second family for most of us and it is important to keep each other close and support one another. Thank you all for being part of this WONDERFUL community!! 😀