2011-2012 Staff


Name: Clara Paik

Year: 4

Birthday: August 12, 1990

Major/Minor: Public Health Policy (major), Criminology (minor)

Hometown: Fullerton

Most commonly used phrase: Can you not?

Pet Peeve: People changing lanes without giving a heads up




Welcoming Committee!

Name: Alex Kim

Year: 4

Birthday: September 20, 1990

Major/Minor: Business Economics

Hometown: Fullerton

Most commonly used phrase: Sigh

Pet Peeve: Laggers

Name: Michelle Paek

Year: 2

Birthday: January 7, 1992

Major/Minor: Psychology (major), Education (minor)

Hometown: Los Alamitos

Most commonly used phrase: HERROOO! YOU SHO CUTE!!! YOU CAN DO EEET! WOOHOOO πŸ™‚

Pet Peeve: When people wear sunglasses indoors or outside at night. You look stupid.


Name: Jessica Kim

Year: 2

Birthday: May 27, 1991

Major/Minor: Biological Science

Hometown: La Crescenta

Most commonly used phrase: Hing~

Pet Peeve: Hairs on the floor


Events Committee!

Name: Fabio Chung

Year: 3

Birthday: September 18, 1991

Major/Minor: International Studies

Hometown: Los Angeles

Most commonly used phrase: Dude

Pet Peeve: Holding drinks coming out of fast food restaurants




Name: Erika Lopez

Year: 2

Birthday: June 22, 1992

Major/Minor: Psychology and Social Behavior

Hometown: Chino

Most commonly used phrase: Jagiyaaaaa

Pet Peeve: People talking in third person


Name: Eunji Koo

Year: 2

Birthday: September 8, 1992

Major/Minor: Public Health Sciences

Hometown: Hawaiian Gardens

Most commonly used phrase: Gosh

Pet Peeve: people who call my dog ugly


Fundraising Committee!

: Angie Kang

Year: 3

Birthday: July 8, 1991

Major/Minor: Biological Sciences

Hometown: Guam

Most commonly used phrase: Cool Beans!~

Pet Peeve: Velcro




Name: Michelle Song

Year: 2

Birthday: November 8, 1992

Major/Minor: Music

Hometown: Rowland Heights

Most commonly used phrase: Aigoo



Name: Karen Huynh

Year: 2

Birthday: April 20, 1992

Major/Minor: Public Health Policy

Hometown: El Monte

Most commonly used phrase: Oh my gosh…

Pet Peeve: text messaging in the theatre when the movie is already starting


Praise and Spiritual Committee!

: Justin Lee

Year: 3

Birthday: May 23, 1991

Major/Minor: English

Hometown: Daejeon, South Korea

Most commonly used phrase: Yeah buddy, Hey brah

Pet Peeve: Nothing





Name: Linda Jeong

Year: 2

Birthday: April 12, 1992

Major/Minor: Social Science – Specialization: Public and Community Service

Hometown: Gardena

Most commonly used phrase: *burp*

Pet Peeve: When my mom talks super duper loud on the phone while she’s driving


Name: Erica Lee

Year: 2

Birthday: December 30, 1991

Major/Minor: Political Science and International Studies

Hometown: North Hollywood

Most commonly used phrase: Dude… sadly

Pet Peeve: hum…. people who eat loudly


6 thoughts on “2011-2012 Staff

  1. Clara says:

    LOLL I love it! Great job welcoming committee! πŸ™‚

  2. Michelle Paek says:

    YAY WOOHOO 2011-2012 STAFF!!! πŸ™‚

  3. Linda says:

    WOOO, God has blessed us with an amazing group of peopleeee!

    Let’s start this new year of Kyrie with a heart and mindset ready to serve the Lord and to do His will!

    β€œThe King will reply, β€˜Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’
    – Matt 25:40

  4. Patrick Huh says:

    This is awesome πŸ™‚ Great work!

  5. David says:

    it should be “hair” and not “hairs”

  6. Juan Moon says:

    Wow, congrats to everyone on Staff! Love you guys and hope to see great things from each of you this coming year. See you at Kyrie!

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