Soooo… was the 3rd years turn to prepare a Kyrie meeting during week 8. However, instead of the usual general meeting at Interfaith, we headed out to the beach at Corona Del Mar!! Since summer is coming up, it was decided that a trip to the beach would be nice for a change.

Once everyone had arrived at the beach, we began with a relay race for our icebreaker. It was hilarious to see people so lost and confused when they were blindfolded during the activity. A few people even fell on the ground multiple times after the elephant spin. This was a great way to start off the meeting/event.

For the first part of our main activity, we did an activity called “Cross the Line.” The 3rd years gave “if” statements and if those statements pertained to the member, then they crossed the line. The statements started out lightly, allowing the members to get used to the activity. Towards the end, the questions became more serious and they allowed the members to learn a little more about one another.

The second part of the activity was group discussions. We got into groups to discuss some of the issues mentioned during the “Cross the Line” activity.  Afterward, we shared with everyone what each group discussed.

To end the night, Linda and Justin took turns leading praise, which then led into our final prayers. Snacks were provided after and, then, we hung around the bonfire until closing time.

This was a good way to kind of open up more to one another. Kyrie has become a second family for most of us and it is important to keep each other close and support one another. Thank you all for being part of this WONDERFUL community!! 😀

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