This past Thursday, September 29th, Kyrie had its first general meeting!!! WOOHOOO!!! People began trickling in around 8:10 and thus began the first Kyrie meeting for many. By 8:30 Interfaith was PACKED with almost 70 people. New, returning, and alumni members were present, excited and nervous with anticipation for the first meeting. LIKE MEEEE. I WAS SOOO EXCITED FOR THIS UPCOMING AMAAAAZING year to begin!!! WOOOHOOOOOOO!!

Clara started us off with a beautiful opening prayer and at the sound of her “Amen!” Praise kicked in with Sing, Sing, Sing!!! Everyone was praising their hearts out! (Hopefully!) Right after Praise we started with our first ice breakers, led by the by your very own WELCOMING/FELLOWSHIP COMMITEE (headed by our VERY OWN ALEX KIM!!) We started off with the Airplane Game. Where everyone wrote their names on a sheet of paper and made it into a paper airplane or a paper ball (for those of you who didn’t know how to make paper airplanes) and threw them into the middle of the circle. They picked up a random paper and had to find the person on the paper without shouting their names. So they were forced to introduce themselves to new people and meet new people. After about 10 minutes we moved onto our next ice breaker, the Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament. Before you were able to challenge someone you had to introduce yourselves to that person then you would commence with Rock-Paper-Scissors and the loser of the match would have to introduce the winner to the next challenger, and they also had to cheer for them. In the end it was almost 30 people cheering for Matt and about the same for Peter, but Matt took the victory!! CONGRATS MATT! Our third and final ice breaker was the Blanket Game! Since everyone met so many new people we decided to test peoples memories we hid one random person from each team behind the blanket and once the blanket was dropped the first to guess the others name was declared winner. It got pretty intense since points were involved but in the last round when 5 people went at once on each side staff decided that the two teams tied.

After our ice breakers we all relaxed and listened to our President Clara Paik speak a little about the exciting things to come in Kyrie and what Kyrie was all about. She introduced our theme for this year which was BE COURAGEOUS!!! She also introduced her wonderful staff members (if you haven’t met all of them yet, check out the staff page above!). To wrap up the night we ended with the singing of “Our Father” and our awesome after event BOWLING and ALBATROS!!!

R3AP – Rosary 3pm Aldrich Park (every Mon-Thurs)
Broomball October 14th! (one of our BIGGEST inter-Kyrie events (UCLA, UCR, and UCSD Kyrie will all be there!) , you’ll be MISSING OUT if you don’t attend!!)
Check Your Emails (read everything. don’t ignore them please!)
Unofficial Basketball Practice – Scrimmages (contact coaches Fabio Chung and Alex Kim for more information; we want you, yes YOU to come out!!)

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