So we had our SUUUUPER second general meeting this Thursday, and as usual we started with an opening prayer–this time by our very own Jessica Kim! Then our wonderful praise kicked it off with “Our God is Greater”, “Blessed Be Your Name”, and “No One Like You”. Praise did a great job this week and with the projector I saw so many more people praising along! GOOD JOB EVERYONE!

So this weeks ice breaker we started off with the Post-It game where you had to draw 3 random facts about yourself and when you found someone with the same interests you, you would take their post-it and stick it on you. People went around for about 10 minutes introducing and asking about each other and their interests hoping to get some post-its. After the 10 minutes passed we started with another ice breaker, the Group Alphabet Game, everyone was split into 5 groups and were given about 10 minutes to go from A-Z using the names of the items they had on them. All 5 of the teams had ended up finished the alphabet in the given time but only Team 2 was decided victorious because only their items coincided best with the alphabet. Xtra gum and XL Shirt just didn’t cut it.

After the ice breakers everyone calmed down and we Clara gave another amazing talk. She talked more about our theme BE COURAGEOUS and our sub-theme for the quarter, LOVE. Also, she introduced the Saint for the week, Saint Peter and gave a short talk about him. Following Clara’s talk we broke off into PRAYER BUDDIES!!! We partnered everyone up and just got to know another fellow brother and sister, more about their major, year, what they thought about their current spiritual level etc. Everyone seemed so engaged in their conversations it was hard to get everyone back into the group. We finished off the night as usual with “Our Father” and with Fabio Chung’s wonderful closing prayer.

Sadly the projector wasn’t being very cooperative so instead of watching a movie for our after event we passed out snacks and had a huge game of What IF? and Naked. Everyone had a lot of good laughs at the ridiculous questions and answers.

CHOC WALK – Sunday October 16th

INTERFAITH MASS – Daily Mass Mon-Thurs 12pm. Sundays 10am, 12pm, 6:30pm.
Basketball Practices! – Every Saturday 7PM at Federation Park
For questions contact Alex Kim: 714- 397- 0785
or Fabio Chung: 213- 330- 5357

Broomball!  – October 21st BE AT INTERFAITH BY 630 PM


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