This weeks meeting began with a beautiful opening prayer by Michelle Song, and Praise kicked it off with “Take It All”, “Your Grace is Enough”, and “Trading My Sorrows.” Clara gave another short talk about our Saint for the day, St. Francis of Assisi. This week our meeting went a little differently than usual instead of having our usual set of ice breakers we broke off into groups so we could prepare skits to showcase the creativity and acting talents of the Kyrie members. Groups were given parables from the bible and random genres of movies and with what was given they had to prepare a skit. Parables included “Ruth and Naomi”, “David and Jonathan”, “Prodigal Son”, “Abraham”, and “Good Samaritan”. The genres were Korean Drama, horror, silent film, romance, and musical. Everyone had their own interesting renditions of the story and most skits just ended up being funny. The staff also prepared their own skit around the verse Luke 6:27-36. VIDEOS OF THESE SKITS WILL BE UPLOADED SOON!!! STAY TUNED!!! After skits we finished with a closing prayer by Karen Huynh. This weeks awesome after event was, NRB!!!!!!! (karaoke)


R3AP – ROSARY 3PM Aldrich Park! By the Chinese Philosophers

INTERFAITH MASS – Daily Mass Mon-Thurs 12pm. Sundays 10am, 12pm, 6:30pm.
Basketball Practices! – Every Saturday 7PM at Federation Park
For questions contact Alex Kim: 714- 397- 0785
or Fabio Chung: 213- 330- 5357

Broomball!  – October 21st BE AT INTERFAITH BY 630 PM


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