This is Michelle Paek, writing for Alex 🙂 I don’t know if you guys pay attention to his blogs, but since its me this time, READ EET ALL. TEEHEE 🙂 (jk you should always read his too).

For our Week 4 General Meeting, Justin Lee opened us in prayer. Our icebreaker this week was…. TELEPHONE CHARADES! It was a lot of fun, huh? The category was movies, and each group had to act out their movie “Telephone” style. The first group that went successfully guessed their movie–SIXTH SENSE! Then from there…. people kinda failed…. How to Train Your Dragon, Harry Potter 7 Part 2, and Avatar… but it was still pretty funny to watch!

Then, we all got into a BIG circle to pray the Rosary together. It was very beautiful seeing us all pray together 🙂 Oh, now that you all know how to pray the Rosary… guess what you can do??? YOU CAN COME OUT TO R3AP!! Remember R3AP? The thing we always announce and I write about in my emails? Come pray the Rosary with us! Rosary 3pm at Aldrich Park! (near the statues of the Chinese poets and goddess, near the Humanities bridge! just contact me or any of the other staff if you’re not sure where it is at!) YAY R3AP!  Okay, and after praying the Rosary together, we got into our Small Faith Communities/Small Groups.  For fall quarter, our small groups would be with our years! The Freshman small group is led by Welcoming Committee—Michelle Paek, Alex and Jessica! YAY FRESHMEN! 🙂 Second years are with second years, and third years and up are together in one jumbo lovely group! 🙂 In our groups, we went over the readings for the upcoming Sunday. It was really nice to discuss the readings and Gospel since a lot of times, we don’t take the time to think about them as much.

We then ended the meeting with praise, which consisted of nice slow songs this week. And finally, Erica Lee ended us with a closing prayer as we did the Our Father, the prayer we know best!

FINALLY, our After-event was CAMINO DEL SOL. We reserved a study room for those of us who still had a bunch of midterms. While the rest of us went to the game room to play pool, air hockey, and play 🙂


Last Friday, was our Inter-Kyrie Broomball event!! YAYAYAY! We had a fun night of fellowship with UCLA, UCSD, and UCR Kyries. Thank you to those of you that attended! Everyone looked all cutes, all dressed up to our theme, High School Stereotypes. I think best dressed goes to–Michelle Song and Erika Lopez…. DID YOU SEE THEM?? Best cholas ever.  Msong looked like an Asian Amy Winehouse and Erika…. if you didn’t meet her before you probably didn’t go up to her that night cause she was very intimidating and into character. TEEHEE CUTIES ❤  And hope you guys enjoyed our Staff performance…. hope no one was watching me… it’s a lot harder on ice… Also, hope no one hurt themselves or fell too much on the ice… or froze.. TWAS VERY COLD! I saw some people in shorts… not very smart. I wore 1 long sleeve, 1 shirt, 3 jackets, and a blanket… and I was still freezing…


Our Newcomer’s/Freshmen Outing was this past Sunday, led by Welcoming Committee! The Outing was actually…. INITIATION! HEHE. We told you guys to be ready by 8… but picked up was at 6:00 AM!! WOOHOOOOOO! 🙂 That was pretty fun… In my car, Joyce was the only one awake, Sunny fell asleep “holding a cup” (so cutes), and Peter told Joyce and Sunny to go sit in the front seat so that he can lay down in the back by himself…. We then went to the beach and played fun games and had a talk in our groups before heading back to VDC for breakfast! Yummy fried rice was made by Fabio, Karen, and Michelle Song (and her sister!). THANK YOU GUYS! 🙂 Then most of us went to noon Interfaith mass together.  YAY! Thanks for those of you who attended! (Joyce, Sunny, Peter, Margaret, Vincent, Philip, Richard, Jiwon, and Woo Jin!)

What a looong weekend! Okiees, hope you guys are having a greaaat week 🙂 and good luck to those who are still having midterms! SEE YOU THURSDAY!

oh, announcements:

R3AP: Rosary 3Pm Aldrich Park (every Mon-Thurs), COME OUT AND PRAY THE ROSARY WITH US!! YAY ROSARY! (It only takes about 15 minutes. 15 minutes to dedicate for prayer. Comeon guys…)

Basketball: Practice is every Saturday. We encourage all newcomers and anyone interested in playing to come out! It’s okay if you don’t know how to play!! Our lovely coaches (Alex and Fabio) will teach you!! If you need a ride contact: Alex (714-397-085) or Fabio (213-330-5357) or you can even ask me… 714-553-0235 🙂

Interfaith Mass: Interfaith offers Daily Mass every weekday at 12:00 pm.

Sunday mass is at 10am, 12pm, and 6:30 pm! (ooooh how convenient!)

Emails: YOU GUYS BETTER BE READING MY EMAILS! alrighty? alrighty.

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