WEEK 5!!!

First off I want to apologize for slacking so much… feel free to nag me for not updating this…. Well anyway last week, week 5 we had our annual VALENTINES DAY DINNER!!! The theme was Moulin Rouge, semi-formal, red, white, or black. It was a night filled with GREAT food and GREAT entertainment. The ladies cooked up a delicious feast and the guys FEASTED! In return for the girls hard work the guys put in their own hard work with the entertainment. The night’s entertainment started with Alex, Sean, and Justin with their cover of Loud Love by Good Old War. These guys sang their hearts out for the girls! Next we had another live performance by our very own Philip, Brian, and Vincent with their songs I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz and the Mario Kart Song on Youtube. The ladies just loved this trio. The Trio was followed by Kevin and Alex’s spoken word, how sophisticated! Then Alex and Vincent performed a Saxophone, Piano duet of Your Song, Ewan McGregor’s rendtion of it. After that Vincent performed a vocal solo while playing the piano, sorry I can’t remember what song you did. The last live performance of the night was our very own Jason with his operatic singing. After all the live entertainment two groups of guys prepared some videos. Alan, Eric, Fabio, Andy, Kevin, and Clara performed Big Bang’s Haru Haru. After that CWA, Alex, Fabio, Kevin, Andy, Justin, Sean, Vincent, Philip, and Brian performed an original.

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