What is UCI Kyrie Eleison?

Kyrie Eleison is a (non-exclusive) Korean Catholic community that strives for spiritual growth through scripture, fellowship, and servitude.

On the chill side,
Kyrie Eleison is a student-run club that strives to reach out to the whole Catholic community. We are one of many Catholic clubs on the UCI campus apart of the UCC group and we are not exclusively a Korean Catholic club. We gladly welcome all different kinds of people from Koreans, to Catholics, to non-Koreans, to non-Catholics, and a whole range of normals to crazies. You name it, we got it!

One of the main goals of Kyrie is to provide a way to keep a college student’s faith strong. Once many of us go to college, we begin to use excuses like we’re too busy or have no means to spiritually nourish ourselves. Kyrie offers a support system that also serves as proof that you can keep growing closer to God even when you’re away from home. Kyrie started off with about 10-15 members and grew about four times its size, through praise, fellowship, and prayer.

Feel free to check out the University Catholic Community website : ucicatholic.weebly.com. Everything you need to know about the Catholic Community happenings around campus are on this website!

We’re always looking and waiting for new brothers and sisters to join us, so here are some FAQs:

Q: How often do you guys meet?
A: Once a week, every Thursday at 8:30 pm at the Interfaith Center.

Q: Who goes to Kyrie?
A: Who DOESN’T go to Kyrie?! A lot of people get thrown off because it says we’re a Korean Catholic club, but I can assure you that we have non-Korean and non-Catholic members. If it’s not the spiritual nourishing that gets you, the fellowship certainly will.

Q: Do you guys do anything other than general meetings?
A: Of course we do! Some examples of past events are refurbishing an elementary school (community service), being an audience on a TV taping (fundraising), BBQs, movie nights, game nights, and you absolutely CANNOT forget about SKYRIE (winter ski trip), lockins, and retreats.

Q: I’m a really shy person… so going to a new club might be intimidating…
A: Trust me when I say, there have been many “shy” people who have come out to Kyrie… and after we’re done with them, they break out of their shells and Kyrie becomes like another limb of their body. Besides, if you’re new, or better yet, a new freshman, you’ll be taken care of.

Q: How awesome would you say this club is?
A: pretty gosh darn, knee-slapping, laughtillyoucantbreathe, makinglifelongfriends, findingoutthingsyouneverknewaboutyourself AWESOME AMAZING!

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  1. Patrick Huh says:


  2. Justin says:

    Couldn’t have said it any better myself.

  3. Mike Yu says:

    I love it!! finally kyrie has a website!
    i’ll be praying for you guys~

    and congrats pat for being the first to comment haha. dang you beat us to it!

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