So we had our SUUUUPER second general meeting this Thursday, and as usual we started with an opening prayer–this time by our very own Jessica Kim! Then our wonderful praise kicked it off with “Our God is Greater”, “Blessed Be Your Name”, and “No One Like You”. Praise did a great job this week and with the projector I saw so many more people praising along! GOOD JOB EVERYONE!

So this weeks ice breaker we started off with the Post-It game where you had to draw 3 random facts about yourself and when you found someone with the same interests you, you would take their post-it and stick it on you. People went around for about 10 minutes introducing and asking about each other and their interests hoping to get some post-its. After the 10 minutes passed we started with another ice breaker, the Group Alphabet Game, everyone was split into 5 groups and were given about 10 minutes to go from A-Z using the names of the items they had on them. All 5 of the teams had ended up finished the alphabet in the given time but only Team 2 was decided victorious because only their items coincided best with the alphabet. Xtra gum and XL Shirt just didn’t cut it.

After the ice breakers everyone calmed down and we Clara gave another amazing talk. She talked more about our theme BE COURAGEOUS and our sub-theme for the quarter, LOVE. Also, she introduced the Saint for the week, Saint Peter and gave a short talk about him. Following Clara’s talk we broke off into PRAYER BUDDIES!!! We partnered everyone up and just got to know another fellow brother and sister, more about their major, year, what they thought about their current spiritual level etc. Everyone seemed so engaged in their conversations it was hard to get everyone back into the group. We finished off the night as usual with “Our Father” and with Fabio Chung’s wonderful closing prayer.

Sadly the projector wasn’t being very cooperative so instead of watching a movie for our after event we passed out snacks and had a huge game of What IF? and Naked. Everyone had a lot of good laughs at the ridiculous questions and answers.

CHOC WALK – Sunday October 16th

INTERFAITH MASS – Daily Mass Mon-Thurs 12pm. Sundays 10am, 12pm, 6:30pm.
Basketball Practices! – Every Saturday 7PM at Federation Park
For questions contact Alex Kim: 714- 397- 0785
or Fabio Chung: 213- 330- 5357

Broomball!  – October 21st BE AT INTERFAITH BY 630 PM




This past Thursday, September 29th, Kyrie had its first general meeting!!! WOOHOOO!!! People began trickling in around 8:10 and thus began the first Kyrie meeting for many. By 8:30 Interfaith was PACKED with almost 70 people. New, returning, and alumni members were present, excited and nervous with anticipation for the first meeting. LIKE MEEEE. I WAS SOOO EXCITED FOR THIS UPCOMING AMAAAAZING year to begin!!! WOOOHOOOOOOO!!

Clara started us off with a beautiful opening prayer and at the sound of her “Amen!” Praise kicked in with Sing, Sing, Sing!!! Everyone was praising their hearts out! (Hopefully!) Right after Praise we started with our first ice breakers, led by the by your very own WELCOMING/FELLOWSHIP COMMITEE (headed by our VERY OWN ALEX KIM!!) We started off with the Airplane Game. Where everyone wrote their names on a sheet of paper and made it into a paper airplane or a paper ball (for those of you who didn’t know how to make paper airplanes) and threw them into the middle of the circle. They picked up a random paper and had to find the person on the paper without shouting their names. So they were forced to introduce themselves to new people and meet new people. After about 10 minutes we moved onto our next ice breaker, the Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament. Before you were able to challenge someone you had to introduce yourselves to that person then you would commence with Rock-Paper-Scissors and the loser of the match would have to introduce the winner to the next challenger, and they also had to cheer for them. In the end it was almost 30 people cheering for Matt and about the same for Peter, but Matt took the victory!! CONGRATS MATT! Our third and final ice breaker was the Blanket Game! Since everyone met so many new people we decided to test peoples memories we hid one random person from each team behind the blanket and once the blanket was dropped the first to guess the others name was declared winner. It got pretty intense since points were involved but in the last round when 5 people went at once on each side staff decided that the two teams tied.

After our ice breakers we all relaxed and listened to our President Clara Paik speak a little about the exciting things to come in Kyrie and what Kyrie was all about. She introduced our theme for this year which was BE COURAGEOUS!!! She also introduced her wonderful staff members (if you haven’t met all of them yet, check out the staff page above!). To wrap up the night we ended with the singing of “Our Father” and our awesome after event BOWLING and ALBATROS!!!

R3AP – Rosary 3pm Aldrich Park (every Mon-Thurs)
Broomball October 14th! (one of our BIGGEST inter-Kyrie events (UCLA, UCR, and UCSD Kyrie will all be there!) , you’ll be MISSING OUT if you don’t attend!!)
Check Your Emails (read everything. don’t ignore them please!)
Unofficial Basketball Practice – Scrimmages (contact coaches Fabio Chung and Alex Kim for more information; we want you, yes YOU to come out!!)


Soooo… was the 3rd years turn to prepare a Kyrie meeting during week 8. However, instead of the usual general meeting at Interfaith, we headed out to the beach at Corona Del Mar!! Since summer is coming up, it was decided that a trip to the beach would be nice for a change.

Once everyone had arrived at the beach, we began with a relay race for our icebreaker. It was hilarious to see people so lost and confused when they were blindfolded during the activity. A few people even fell on the ground multiple times after the elephant spin. This was a great way to start off the meeting/event.

For the first part of our main activity, we did an activity called “Cross the Line.” The 3rd years gave “if” statements and if those statements pertained to the member, then they crossed the line. The statements started out lightly, allowing the members to get used to the activity. Towards the end, the questions became more serious and they allowed the members to learn a little more about one another.

The second part of the activity was group discussions. We got into groups to discuss some of the issues mentioned during the “Cross the Line” activity.  Afterward, we shared with everyone what each group discussed.

To end the night, Linda and Justin took turns leading praise, which then led into our final prayers. Snacks were provided after and, then, we hung around the bonfire until closing time.

This was a good way to kind of open up more to one another. Kyrie has become a second family for most of us and it is important to keep each other close and support one another. Thank you all for being part of this WONDERFUL community!! 😀

2nd years in 7th week~

Last week, the 1st years impressed us with a well prepared meeting. And this week, the 2nd years prepared an equally great meeting.

So, we began the meeting by writing our prayers on a huge poster, which led us to the main activity. For the main activity of the meeting, the 2nd years led us through IACTS. IACTS is an acronym that explains the steps that can be taken when you are struggling with your prayers. Sometimes when we are asked to pray, we might feel stuck or lost and, then do not know where to begin. The 2nd years prepared prayers that greatly reflected upon each word and songs pertaining to each word.

To remind us of what IACTS are and mean, here’s a recap:

Invocation: to call upon a higher being, which in this case, God

Adoration: to worship, to praise our God

Contrition: deeply felt remorse, penitence

Thanksgiving: to give thanks

Supplication: an additional prayer

For our after event, instead of doing things that benefited us, we created posters, which proclaimed God’s LOVE. We, then roamed around the whole campus putting up the posters for campus beautification and to share God’s love to everyone.

Another successful meeting!!! I just hope the 3rd and 4th years can do just as great as the first two years!!! GREAT JOB!~ 😀

1st years taking over 6th week!

This week, the 1st years got the chance to direct the entire Kyrie meeting. For the icebreaker, we went around writing thoughtful notes on each other’s back to show our appreciation for one another. Afterwards, in honor of Mother’s Day the following Sunday,  the 1st years prepared three group talks, which acknowledged all the mother figures in our lives.

One group was dedicated to all of our mothers. Everyone expressed his/her gratefulness to his/her mothers and how they have influenced everyone’s lives one way or another.

Another group was dedicated to our Mother, the Virgin Mary. We were enlightened about how she was born without Original Sin and her dedication to God. As the Mother of Jesus, she suffered greatly during the Passion of Christ, to see her son be crucified in order to save us from our sins.

The last group was dedicated to those who were “mother figures” in our lives. These “mother figures” are people who have guided and influenced us in ways so that we are able to grow spiritually.

In all, we must always be thankful for our mothers whether they are our actual mothers or our Mother or “mother figures”; they have sacrificed so much in order for us to live comfortable lives.

After praise and announcements, the 1st years led us to Aldrich Park to play…Glow-in-the-Dark Capture the Flag!! Each person received a glow-in-the-dark bracelet and was split into two teams. Although the grass was very slippery to the point some people slipped and fell, everyone had a great time running around and avoided being caught. We had two very close games and the winners were given a whole lot of LOVE from the 1st years.

Overall, the 1st years did an excellent job for going first and preparing a Kyrie meeting for the first time. We are all so proud of you guys! GREAT JOB!~ 😀

1st half of Spring Quarter!!!~

This Spring Quarter has started off wonderfully!!!~ Unfortunately, this is the last quarter we’ll be able to spend together as the Kyrie of 2010-2011.  Our goal is to have everyone take what they have learned in Kyrie and apply it to his/her spiritual life.  So let’s create great memories during this last quarter together and end the year successfully!

Here are the recaps of our general meetings from Week 1 to Week 5:

Week 1: At our first Kyrie meeting back, we started off with “Line Charades.” After, we played a friendly game of “Jeopardy” to test our knowledge of what we have learned so far throughout the year.  Questions ranged from naming all the Kyrie staff members to listing the themes of the Stations of the Cross. Everyone played really well. And as our after event, we headed down to the Newport Beach pier to get fresh air.  This was a very good way to start off the new quarter!

Week 2: We had a very quick meeting led by Daniel in order to head over the movie theaters to watch a foreign film called “Of Gods and Men.” This film focused on a group of monks stationed in an impoverished Algerian community while being under the threat of terrorists. This film was very inspiring and is there is another chance to watch this film, I highly recommend it for those who haven’t watched it yet.

Week 3: This week, Alex and Fabio gave wonderful talks.  Alex explained to us about the last week of Lent. Holy Thursday is a holy day of obligation and it represents the Last Supper where Jesus breaks the bread with his disciples and washes their feet. Good Friday is the day of mourning, the day we commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. And Easter, which marks the end of Lent and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. On Easter, we celebrate and praise God for sacrificing his son for our sins. After, we got into groups to discuss our Lenten experience and wrote down our sins on a piece of paper. Fabio then gave a testimonial about his growing faith. He moved to America from Paraguay in South America at the age of 7. He explained how he struggled with his faith as he was growing up in America. He confessed that he wanted to renew his spiritual life and, thus, started coming out to Kyrie when he entered college. When bad things happened, Fabio began turning to God for help instead of turning away from him. During Lent, he set high expectations so that he can prepare himself for confirmation. Although it was a tough Lenten experience, he’s hoping that once he is confirmed, he will have a new perspective on life and the Catholic values.  Please pray for Fabio as he is about to embark on a new chapter of his Catholic journey and that he has a successful confirmation.  For our after event, we went to UTC to just chill and catch up with one another.

Week 4: There was no meeting due to the Easter weekend. However, we had our annual Kyrie retreat at the San Onofre campgrounds. We spent most of our time meditating and opening up to God. It was truly a “refreshing” experience being able to camp out and to get in touch with God’s creation.

Week 5: Instead of our general meeting, we had a PRAISE NIGHT. The praise band worked really hard in making the night successful. We had a great turn out and it was just an amazing night altogether. In addition, we had testimonials given by Alex (Kim), Erika, and Ralph. They all gave amazing talks and it’s so great to know they have all grown spiritually in some way. This night was definitely one to remember.

So here are the quick recaps of the first half of this quarter. Make sure to come out to the rest of the meetings! We will have meetings led by each year and our annual banquet is coming up!!!~

Last meeting of Winter 2011

Hello everyone~

I hope first day of finals were not too rough. Last week’s Kyrie meeting was short and sweet summing up the whole quarter’s learning in one sitting by our very own Margaret. Followed by balloon ice breaker, Margaret’s talk and praise, we had our Kyrie’s annual study night.  Since I know how much everyone is tired of READING… (at least I am..) I’m going to also make this blog short and sweet~

This is a prayer for students

Come, Holy Spirit, Divine Creator,
true source of light and fountain of wisdom!
Pour forth your brilliance upon my dense intellect,
dissipate the darkness which covers me,
that of sin and of ignorance.

Grant me a penetrating mind to understand,
a retentive memory, method and ease in learning,
the lucidity to comprehend,
and abundant grace in expressing myself.
Guide the beginning of my work, direct its progress,
and bring it to successful completion.
This I ask through Jesus Christ, true God and true man,
living and reigning with You and the Father,
forever and ever.



I hope everyone has a wonderful spring break and see you ALL next quarter 🙂